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Quick & Effective Branding Ideas

There are successful branding strategies that can effectively grow your business at a lower cost than traditional marketing;  such as newspaper or television advertising.  Branding is the maketing of your company's products, logos and slogans to increase customer recognition of your business.  By building a recognized brand in your market, you reduce your reliance on traditional marketing and increase loyalty and referrals from your existing and future customers...

Community Marketing:  Getting your company involved in your community is a great way to increase consumer recognition of your brand.  Sponsoring a yourth sports team builds good will, especially from the parents of the children on your team.

Loyalty Programs:  Maintaining a loyal customer base is crucial for your business to survive.  Repeat customers contribute a steady flow of income to your company and are more likely to refer your business to their friends.  Reward those loyal customers by creating a "loyalty" rewards program.  By keeping track of your customer's purchases and rewarding them with discounts, you'll ensure they'll stay with you and may even refer other customers to you. 

Referal Incentivies:  Consumers are more likely to trust a company that is highly referred from their friends over a comany that they see in a regular advertisement.  Start a rewards program for customers who give you referrals.  It's a win-win for both of you.

Hold Power® Technology:  An affordable and effective way to communicate all of the above branding ideas is to incorporate Hold Power® technology to your company's phone system.  Any time a caller / customer is waiting on your phone lines, they could be hearing all the valued-added benefits your company can and will provide.  Hold Power® is effecctive, inexpensive and target marketing at its best!!!  Call us today for a free Hold Power® virtual test drive!!